Do You Support A Newburyport Local Historic District?

Local Real Estate Broker and Partner at Wellsco LLC, Realtors, John P. Wells puts it in Perspective Property owner’s rights are important.  We have come to accept the necessity of this.  Included in those rights is the protection that zoning provides, which limits what a property owner can do with … [Read more...]

Newburyport MA Antiques

Are you in love with historic preservation and Antiques? Is it the wide pine floors, lead glass windows or the wainscoting that draws you in to the classic style with warm and inviting interiors? Settled in 1635, Newburyport MA has an amazing history and is filled with beautiful antique homes. … [Read more...]

Newburyport MA Real Estate Agent Services – Why You Should Hire A Wellsco Agent

Newburyport MA Real Estate Agent Services As a home buyer or seller in Newburyport MA , you have the choice of hiring an agent to provide guidance and protect your interests. Simply meeting with an agent does not suggest that person is your buyer or seller agent. There is commonly an agreement … [Read more...]