Newburyport MA Custom House Maritime Museum No One At The Helm

Who’s At The Helm?

Below is a response to Dyke Hendericksons comments in the Newburyport City Notebook published in the Daily News regarding the  Newburyport MA Custom House Maritime Museum.

“I would like to respond to the suggestion made in the City Notebook on Wednesday, January 11th that there was “no one at the helm” at the Custom House Maritime Museum. On the contrary, the reallocation of CPC funds to preserve one of Newburyport’s most important historic assets shows pragmatic leadership and wise use of CPC funding. The repair and restoration of the Newburyport custom house observatory preserves an important and irreplacable architectural feature that distinguishes this building from the 2 other remaining New England custom houses that were designed by the architect Robert Mills in 1832. The New London and New Bedford custom house observatories were removed and altered as were many other original architectural features. The Middletown, CT custom house was demolished in 1918 to make way for a new post office. Newburyport has the benefit and the responsibility to care for an intact example of a robust Greek revival style, granite custom house designed by a nationally significant architect. We are fortunate to have leadership that recognizes the value of this historical asset and has an understanding of the important role it has in defining our civic identity as well as our cultural heritage.”

Gregory Colling, Custom House Maritime Museum Building Committee Chairman

For more information on the Custom House, please visit the Custom House Maritime Museum Website.

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