Linda Tulley Offering Historic Home Research In Newburyport MA

Linda Tulley Offers Historic Home Research in Newburyport MA.  Do you own an historic home in Newburyport? Would you like to know how old it is and something about the people who owned and lived in it? Newburyport MA Historic Home Research-Offering Historic Research Provided By Linda … [Read more...]

Wellsco Newburyport MA Newburyport Antique Home Specialist Services

Newburyport Antique Home Specialist in Newburyport MA Home Seller and Buyers can take advantage of Wellsco Newburyport MA Newburyport Antique Home Specialist Services. Why is a Newburyport Antique Homes Specialist Important?  All too often I walk into a home that has true historic importance or … [Read more...]

Federal Style Antique Homes in Newburyport MA

The war is over!  The colonies are now a nation and change is in the air.  Nevertheless, Americans were Englishmen, London was the seat of fashion and it would be many years before Americans stopped looking to England for inspiration and style. Toward the end of the 18th century architectural styles … [Read more...]