Guidelines On Picking A Contractor In Newburyport MA

Whether you own a newer building or an older one, there will be an occasion where you may require the help of a contractor to complete repairs. There are a few things that you can do to confirm that the company you select is qualified, has a good work history, and matches your expectations. This … [Read more...]

Five Reasons To Avoid For Sale By Owner In Newburyport MA

When it comes time to sell a property, homeowners sometimes contemplate selling on their own. Just like electrical repairs, accounting, and other tasks, it can be possible to do it yourself but often the time, cost, and result may not be of the that a professional can offer. Technique, knowledge, … [Read more...]

Newburyport MA Homeowner Loan Refinancing Advice

Homeowners should evaluate refinancing while interest rates remain low. Refinancing includes some up-front costs but can lead to smaller monthly expenses. It can involve the existing lender that retains a loan or a completely different lender. Below you will find Newburyport MA homeowner loan … [Read more...]

Energy Saving Tips For Newburyport MA Properties

An energy audit can easily identify repairs that improve the efficiency of your residence. If your property is more than 5 years old, you should evaluate an energy audit. The following is basic information on energy saving tips for Newburyport MA properties. Energy Audit Details An Energy Audit … [Read more...]

Newburyport MA Ways To Limit Energy Consumption

Reducing energy waste in your Newburyport MA residence is not only helpful to the environment but will also put money in your wallet. There are things that you can do all year long. Below you will find Newburyport MA ways to limit energy consumption. Heating and Cooling A programmable thermostat … [Read more...]

Searching For Antique Homes For Sale Online

Searching for Antique homes for sale online has many options. With an unlimited number of online resources to choose from, make sure that you are not wasting your time and get the most up to date information. Real Estate Websites Are All Different Antique home listings are normally entered into a … [Read more...]

Restoration Resources Boston MA Antique Architectural Salvage – Offering Unique Decor

Restoration Resources Boston MA Antique Architectural Salvage is located at 1946 Washington Street . Looking to add a bit of history or flair to you home renovations? How about using rescued and recycle sustainable and green building materials? Or maybe you want to preserve a part of history and … [Read more...]

How to Replace A Shingle In 5 Steps in Newburyport MA

When just a few wooden shingles are damaged, replacing them one at a time saves money and staves off future problems. Below are some tips and information on how to Replace A Shingle In 5 Steps in Newburyport MA. Advice on How To Replace A Shingle In 5 Steps in Newburyport MA 5 Steps to Shingle … [Read more...]

Antique Homes and Newburyport Real Estate

Settled in 1635, Newburyport MA has an amazing history.   Filled with beautiful antique homes from the fully restored estates that line High Street to the quaint renovated homes of the south end - there is a wide variety.  Newburyport MA offers large and small antique homes for sale. Below are … [Read more...]

Newburyport MA – The Mystery of History

Newburyport's History On Everyone's Minds Skip and Marge Motes will be featured at a seminar on Saturday, Jan. 21, providing information on reseraching and documenting the history of your home.  Are you interested in finding out who lived in your Newburyport MA home or what changes have been made … [Read more...]