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Why is a Newburyport Antique Homes Specialist Important?  All too often I walk into a home that has true historic importance or amazing architectural features that the listing agent knows nothing about. Recently I was asked to list a home in Newburyport that was built in 1630. I walked into it and was amazed by a house that appeared practically as it did when it was first built. My first reaction was to call a friend who is an antique homes preservationist and enthusiast to get his opinion on it.

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From a marketing point of view, it is important to recognize that there are buyers who are specifically looking for antique homes, and to know how to reach them. It is important that the listing agent be truly knowledgeable about antique homes, both from a marketing as well as from a preservation point of view. Had I not brought in an expert immediately in this instance, I might have allowed the seller to make certain improvements which would have seriously hurt the authenticity of the home. It has not been my experience that a house will have a higher market value because it is antique. It’s really a question of supply and demand, and knowing how to market an antique home so that it will sell. Imagine a knowledgeable antique home expert pointing out significant details to an interested buyer!

Wellsco Newburyport MA

Newburyport Antique Home Specialist Services

I have a passion for antique homes. I will do my best to understand and research the property, it’s history and bring a team together that can help make suggestions for the best approach for an Antique Property.  My compnay, Wellsco brings the marketing tools and expertise to help the market these homes to sell, and to find buyers who are looking for an antique home in Newburyport.

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I am a resident of Newburyport and have worked in education, high tech and urban development. My interests in architecture and construction are invaluable to my clients. For more information please visit the Wellsco website.