Linda Tulley Offering Historic Home Research In Newburyport MA

Linda Tulley Offers Historic Home Research in Newburyport MA.  Do you own an historic home in Newburyport? Would you like to know how old it is and something about the people who owned and lived in it?

Newburyport MA Historic Home Research-Offering Historic Research Provided By Linda Tulley

Working at the Historical Society’s Cushing House Museum for 7 years, Linda Tulley has completed a number of house histories in Newburyport and the part of what was Newbury that is now a part of the “Port”.

Linda Tulley Offering Historic Home Research In Newburyport MA Summary

Research will start with the Registry of Deeds, and moving on to other published sources of information such as US Census records, genealogical information, probate recods, tax records, church records, burial records, newspaper accounts all with the object of telling you as much as can be found in public records about the people who lived in your home. She will provide you with a written report on archival paper, including photographs of interesting material that she may encounter along the way.   Linda will then sit down with you to review all of her findings.

For more information in Linda Tulley offering historic home research in Newburyport MA join the Women’s Alliance at the First Religious Society on April 11th from 12:00 – 1:00pm.  Linda will be giving a informational talk on some of her discoveries found locally to date.  Men welcome to attend.

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