How to Replace A Shingle In 5 Steps in Newburyport MA

When just a few wooden shingles are damaged, replacing them one at a time saves money and staves off future problems. Below are some tips and information on how to Replace A Shingle In 5 Steps in Newburyport MA.

Advice on How To Replace A Shingle In 5 Steps in Newburyport MA

5 Steps to Shingle Replacement – The broken shingle creates a potential pathway for water to enter the house.

1.  Gather tools:

  • galvanized or stainless steel shingle nails
  • a hammer
  • a small block of wood
  • a drill
  • shingle ripper (a long, flat piece of metal with hooks forged into the flattened end, which is used to remove the broken shingle)
  • high-quality wooden shingles that match the texture and length of your originals (these should have a straight grain and no knots or other defects)

2. Remove the broken shingle by sliding the ripper beneath the center of the shingle until its blade (the flat part) is completely hidden. Angle it to one side, and tug on it until you feel the tool hook one of the nails holding the shingle in place. (Most shingles have up to four nails.) Next, hammer down on the handle where it turns to meet the blade, which will remove the fastener and any broken pieces of shingle. Repeat until all of the pieces and fasteners are removed.

3. Once youve completely removed the shingle,measure the width of the gap. Subtract about 3⁄8″ to from your measurement, and find a shingle about that size. A wider shingle also can be cut to size.

4. Slide the new shingle into position beneath the course above, stopping when the butt end remains ½” to ¾” longer to the adjacent shingles. Then, position a shingle nail to 1″ from the side of the shingle, and just under the butt end of the course above. Drive the nails just to the surface of the replacement shingle, without sinking them below. (Angling the nails a little will help them to seat properly later.) Repeat this process with another nail positioned to 1″ from the other side of the shingle.  Dont hammer them too tightly. If necessary, use a nail set to avoid damaging the edges of the upper course. Buffering the hammer from the shingle with a block of wood prevents damage to the new shingle.

5. Finally, place a block of wood against the butt end of the replacement shinglethis spreads the impact so you dont leave hammer marksand hammer the block into position until it sits even with the adjacent shingles. This action effectively hides the new nails beneath the upper course.

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Your roof is one of your homes most important assets. It adds historic character and curb appeal, and structurally, its the primary line of defense your house has against the weather.

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