Antique Homes and Newburyport Real Estate

Settled in 1635, Newburyport MA has an amazing history.   Filled with beautiful antique homes from the fully restored estates that line High Street to the quaint renovated homes of the south end – there is a wide variety.  Newburyport MA offers large and small antique homes for sale. Below are details on Newburyport homes for sale and Newburyport real estate.

Newburyport Antique Homes for Sale

Do you understand the need for historic preservation and love Antique homes? Is it the lead glass windows, huge fireplaces with bee hive ovens, or the amazing woodworking that draws you in to the classic style with warmth?  Maybe it’s the love of the simple things in life or the thoughts about who walked and lived in these amazing homes.

Properties currently available range in price from $355,000 to $1,649,900 for a antique single family home in Newburyport.  These Antiques are available in all shapes and sizes!  Additional information on Newburyport’s antique homes and their preservation available at

Antique Homes and Newburyport Real Estate

As Newburyport grows and more homes are being restored and updated .  It’s a great time to find your antique in Newburyport.

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